windom earle world


wednesday may 31 iron maiden are back. their new album, brave new world, is surprisingly good. the band keeps their integrity by not selling out to bullshit industrial/kid rock fake metal. the album is classic maiden with a bit of maturity. my favorite song is blood brothers. it has an excellent classical arrangement. i watched surviving desire again. this time i noticed how much hartley tries to explore the frustration a guy goes through trying to figure out women. i don't think females would appreciate how one-sided the story is. the funny thing is: at the end of the movie the girl reads a brutally honest description of the guy who's in love with her to him, and he tells her to read the same story replacing the male character with a female. it's a pretty powerful moment, and i'm wondering if hartley wants the audience to look at surving desire with this in mind. i also watched an episode of charlie rose i taped that has chuck d and lars from metallica debating on mp3s. it seems all to clear that chuck and lars were having two different arguments that happen to involve the internet, but don't correspond other than that. lars was going on about how he doesn't want internet companies to profit off his music. chuck was arguing that the internet is a great way for artists to promote music directly to their fans. while i agree completely with chuck, he was arguing to a guy who didn't care about promoting his band. i got some good samples of lars insulting every metallica fan that uses the internet. it's funny that metallica are worried about fans getting compressed sound files of their music without paying for it when, at the newspaper i write for, we get metallica cds for free and they end up in a drawer because we don't even like them.

tuesday may 30 i saw shanghai noon. it's not much of a jackie chan flick, but it's a kick ass owen wilson movie. wilson is a brilliant comedic actor. the action scenes were too mild for chan, but his chemistry with wilson saved the film. if they make a sequel to rush hour, they should cast him instead of chris tucker as chan's buddy. i listened to a lot of belle and sebastian today. there's something magic about their music. i started remixing some songs for the new album. i'm trying to make burn down the disco less noisy without watering it down. maybe i should be listening to iron maiden instead of belle and sebastian.

monday may 29 today i watched hal hartley's surviving desire for the first time. i love his use of music. he composes most of the music for his films under the alias ned riffle. for surving desire the music fit the film perfectly, and the movie fit the music perfectly too. there was a really decent, surreal dance sequence in the middle of the film, and another scene where a rock band played in the middle of a street, and the actors interacted with each other around the group. it was awesome. there were two of hartley's short films at the end of surviving desire. they were alright, and one had some cool accordian music. he's got a lot of interesting things to say about love, knowledge, and self-awareness. hartley movies have the perfect mixture of pop and philosophy. i listened to the sebutones' 50/50 where it counts and amon tobin's new album, supermodified. these albums go together like tea bisquits and jam. i had to lie down while listening to them because they create the perfect dreamlike atmosphere. i'm worried i might start getting paranoid if i keep listening to the sebutones. they make an artform out of alienation.

sunday may 28 after another incredible night of hippity hop, buck and sixtoo have left charlottetown for halifax. i got a chance to interview the guys before the show and it went great. not only are they the most intelligent artists in rap music, but they're super nice. i learned a lot about hip hop and music in general.

saturday may 27 it's 2:50 am and i'm pretty tired after a night of great hip hop. buck 65 has finally played in pei, and he amazed the yokels. i got a booth up front with the cadre posse. during the show buck's partner in the sebutones, six too, sat with us for quick access to the turnatables in case he was needed for technical assistance (and the seats kicked ass). we talked about music, mix master mike, and buck's performance. he was a really nice guy. at the end of buck's set he went up to the wheels of steel, and dj'd some drum and bass while buck rhymed over it.

friday may 26 last night i saw MI2. it was alright, but could have been a lot better. i liked how the fight scenes were choreographed like wrestling matches. i just saw the outsiders today at a private screening for jr high students at the city cinema. i've never been a big fan of the film (or coppola), but watching it with a bunch of little backstreet boys and spice girls was a lot of fun. they were a rowdy bunch, but, since the movie was cheesy, they created a great atmosphere. i've been studying the beatles' abbey road to try and figure out how to make really good transitions for my next album. i listened to the wu tang's 36 chambers of death yesterday, and i like how the samples from kung fu movies correspond to the different styles of the rappers. i never listened to it as a concept album before.

thursday may 25 i'm still experimenting with layout and design for this shithole. my new album is near completion. i bought some new guitar strings.