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tuesday august 15 fly jimmy swift are a super-talented outfit. everytime i see them, the music gets better and better. their drummer kicks arse, their guitar player has some crazy sounds, and their bass player is a monster.

josh lavigne has me producing some tunes for him. the guitar player from his band did some killer solos today, and i recorded a bunch of samples. this is the first serious excursion i've produced. we have yet to do vocals.

the film in summerside is going great. the kids are awesome, i'm happy with the script, and we finished most of the movie in one day.

i was happier than a dog in a toilet today. i found ron sexsmith's first album in the used record section at back alley discs. then, as i was checking it out, i found belle and sebastian's best album, if you are feeling sinister, on the counter. someone had just returned it because they thought it "sucked." so i ended up with two of my favorite albums that i've been trying to get for ten bucks each.

did i mention that i picked up andy sidaris' cinematic masterpiece, picasso trigger? sidaris is my personal favorite b-movie director. his movies have a formula of spies, diamond smugglers, and gratuitus nudity, so they're all basically the same film. and the cases for his videos are HOT.

email angry letters to devry saying free vince lavers or something stupid like that. he's having a pretty fucked up day with the admin there. read all about it at vincentland.


monday august 14 i'm back to work at yet another film camp this week. this time the script involves a killer monkey. actually most of the scripts have killer monkeys. i think i use it when i'm too lazy to actually write a script that makes sense.

i had some visitors from cape breton yesterday. people from capr radio and surface to air productions came down to prepare for no-cases at the ecma's this year in charlottetown, and they wanted to do some drinking. we met with vince's brother, punk rock ray, and local scenester, mitch. we discussed the all ages aspect of the no-cases. after that chris from surface to air locked his keys in their rented car. the guys drank quite a bit when they got back at their hotel room, and chris disrobed in front of everyone before he went swimming. one of the guys that came down from capr was the guy who wore a strait jacket at his performance at last years east coast unauthorized before our show. i said he was "so goth he was dead" in my ecma story for the cadre. he was cool, and he actually read that article. after seeing chris naked again, we piled into their rent-a-car and went to a redneck bar to watch the wcw pay-per-view. chris and the strait jacket guy walked to myrons to pick up women.


saturday august 12 tom green's cancer special was great. everyone involved was pretty serious, but green kept the show insane by using sympathy and disbelief to fuel his humour. he was the most entertaining cancer patient since bruce mcculloch's cancer boy from brain candy. the show definitely broke down barriers in comedy and television (as if they don't break down enough barriers in their cancerfree episodes).

there is an interesting rant by the the's matt johnson about the record industry. he discusses how corporate mergers are distroying music, and that technology has to change things so artists have more control.

also on the entertainment front, check out jimmy the idiot boy's new website, the idiot box for music pics and an interview with full house superstar, dave coulier. if you need more dave coulier than the idot box has to offer, check out


friday august 11 i've been downloading bootleg mp3's lately. right now i'm listening to a completely fucked remix of david bowie's heroes. it's supposed to be by aphex twin, but it does not sound like his style. i'm positive it involves phillip glass because there is a looping string section on it. i also found an amazing live concert belle and sebastian did for some french show. and vince told me to download a mix of eminem's the real slim shady and britney spears' oops i did it again. scary stuff.

never try to open up your electric guitar, even if you are trying to get a pic that's stuck underneath it. damn.


thursday august 10 a couple months ago, i got an viewer email concerning fwp, a joke that a couple of friends from the cadre collaborated on. the email was pretty nasty and said stuff like, "What the hell kind of bullshit are you trying to pull? A bunch of drunk university students posting their infantile dog-crap on the internet? There's a novel concept. Why don't you do us all a fucking favour and die. Just die. Make sure to take out Windom Earle, Indigo Jones and whatever the fuck else these laughable bands from UPEI are puking onto the internet." pretty funny stuff. so i forwarded the message to some friends, and vince, thinking it was directed at windom earle, defended me in a response to the annonymous email. vince implied that this guy was some sort of stalker that had a secret crush on me. to be honest, i thought it was just one of the guys at the newspaper pulling a prank because the email had a lot of info about my side projects, the cadre, and even an interview i did on cbc mainstreet. nobody at the paper knew what it was, so then i became kind of paranoid: looking over my shoulder in class, making sure nobody followed me to the computer lab, checking the phone for taps. then vince got a reply to his email where this guy attacked mp3's for ripping off the recording industry of billions of dollars, and that there was no quality control on (i agree with the second point about quality). he goes on to make fun of vince for making references to guns and roses and grade 10 girls, and tries to argue that i shouldn't have side projects, "I mean, if you stuck with one project it'd be okay, we could simply ignore Windom Jones and the FWP, in all it's degrassi rap pukeness, but these shit side-projects keep poking up on MP3 dot com, and of course, I get excited thinking there might be some fresh new music coming out of the stale charlottetown scene, but no, more university students boredom transformed into a mockery of a satire of a joke of a farce," or use samples, "DJ Shadow can do it. Homey McWicked cannot." so what i thought was a joke, was actually the rant of a pretentious fucker who had some twisted fascination with me.

vince noticed that his ip address was static on both emails, so he tracked them down to this site. right away i knew who sent the emails, it was patrick mcmaster. the second show vince and i ever played as windom earle was something he put on in a tiny apartment. nobody showed up except our friends, and a few of his friends. i couldn't understand why he had a problem with me, or some stupid joke my friends put out. the way i look at novelty bands, they shouldn't be judged the same way serious bands are. the artists behind novelties are making a conscious effort to look like idiots, so it's redundant to point something like that out to them. but to transfer criticisms of a novelty band to their producer's body of work as a whole is ridiculous.

listening to mcmaster's music only confirms my idea of him being a pretentious asshole.

over the past couple of days mcmaster has been in the news for getting ripped off at a computer college here in charlottetown. the school suspended him yesterday for publicly criticizing them in the media. it's pretty fucked up. i was going to use this rant to defend him, but i don't even know the guy and rereading the emails he sent reminds me how much of a prick he is.


tuesday august 8 i looked into getting windom earle knap sacks done up. i'll probably screen print some shirts too.

spumco has a great new cartoon at it's called weekend pussy hunt, and it's pretty good. i prefer the goddamn george liquor program, but pussy hunt has some interactive goodies, and a chance to win web-prizes.

slocoaster have some mp3's up at download violent sister and san simone. they are two of my favorite songs.


monday august 7 futureshop has jacked up their prices after their opening weekend, so i guess they don't get my full endorsement. still, they're better than most record stores.

i watched the american movie dvd at the cinephile's today. the deleted scenes were really good, and the commentary was almost as funny as the movie.

i have to write a screenplay for the film camp i'm working at next week. i want to use the inspiration i've gotten from american movie.

the weirdest episode of the simpsons was on last night. there were magical elves, a high diving horse, and the comic book guy kept pointing out themes that were already used in previous simpson episodes.


saturday august 5 i love futureshop, and i hope they fuck up radioland, row, and blackcat's sales. those stores have been ripping people in charlottetown off without any real threat for too long. cd's are not worth thirty bucks. i don't think anyone should pay more than ten dollars for a disc. anyway, futureshop just opened here, and i got two of the best hip hop albums ever made: public enemy's it takes a nation of millions to hold us back and the beastie boys' paul's boutique for ten bucks each! holy shit! i'll still shop at backalley discs for stuff that future shop won't carry, like ninja tune, or fat possum records.

i've been working on some articles for the cadre next year. i think i'll upload some more fact and opinions and cool love to the ivurineformation nation.

locals had a makeover recently. the best thing about this site is their mp3 section. i recommend downloading 77 impala special's when i walk and rock ranger's gimme the shotgun.

pe #1


friday august 4 yesterday, i spent a lot of time at morning becomes eclectic from the kcrw website. there are too many good performances like magnetic fields and the eels to go through.

i recorded a movie review of the nutty professor two: the klumps this morning for mainstreet. it'll be on today at around 5:45.

i watched a vintage episode of street cents i got from the library. it had pretty bad production, but it was cool to see the remote control hydrofoil, the tyco typhoon, get thrown in the pit. and ken pompadour was entertaining as always.

i called mike schank, but got his answering machine.


thursday august 3 after watching someone get kicked out of the house in big brother, i got a call from a friend who needed help moving out of his apartment. the reasons behind the move are very similar to why the person was kicked off big brother. needless to say, i think this situation, and big brother are stupid.

i've been going through a pile of cds i got from the cadre. dj food is cool and jazzy. the micronauts make original techno music. dot allison has a few really good songs. i have a couple more to listen to.

i decided i'm going to call up mike schank from american movie. i think it would make a great interview for the cadre, and, after watching american movie, i'm curious to find out how mark borchardt would react to an offer to direct a windom earle video. i'm sure he's gotten a ton of requests to make videos already, but it'd be worth a shot. and maybe mike would be interested in the remix exchange.

the banana song is coming along nicely.


wednesday august 2 i missed a whole day. actually i had a really intersting day, i just didn't take the time to sit down to write all the exciting things that happened.

monday night i went to see improv comedy at the arts guild care of 4-play. it was hillarious. the place was packed and it was a nice environment for a monday night. after the show, i hung out with brodie read, his cousin, and the guys from the play. we went to brenans and talked about movies. one of the actors from 4-play is the host of mainstreet, and all around nice guy, matt rainie. matt invited me to review the nutty professor 2: the klumps this friday. i kind of wanted to see this movie anyway because it was written by the directors of beyond the mat and american pie. matt also mentioned that he was going to be on maritime noon tuesday to talk about summer movie rentals. i listened to the show and joining matt was the movie reviewer for cape breton's what's goin' on magazine. the presence of a cape bretoner reminded me of a good film to plug, house. i called up and got through right away. i said, "rent house." and then the host asked me what the worst movie i saw this summer was. since i usually avoid seeing bad movies, the worst i could think of was big mama's house which doesn't really qualify as a "worst movie of the summer" but i couldn't do any worse. matt gave me a shout out, and it was all good, g.

i watched peter lynch's follow up to project grizzly, the herd last night. it was really, really good, but not the right film to watch with a bunch of people. not many guests lasted the whole way through it. it was long and beautiful, kind of like a canadian jim jarmusch movie. it was all about a guy who had to lead a herd of reindeer across the arctic in two years. he ends up taking 6 years. it's a documentary, but the story took place in the 1930's, and there's not a lot of actual footage of the journey. the film recreates important scenes, and all the dialogue is from letters written by the reindeer man involved, and government officials that came up with this bizarre scheme. there were a lot of good quotes about the reindeerman.


monday july 30 errol morris' documentary show on bravo kicked ass yesterday. he had a guy on who helps people who are in serious debt with credit card companies. usually credit card companies intimidate their customers and use illegal tactics to make them pay their bills. when people in debt go to court they often can't afford a lawyer, so the credit card companies get away with breaking the law. this guy on the show defends the people that can't afford lawyers, is able to erase their debt with credit card companies, and even gets compensation from the the credit card companies for breaking the law. he's kind of like robin hood. i have to show this episode to my mom.

i was listening to phil ochs' greatest hits and came to the realization that belle and sebastian's sound is the combination of donovan, nick drake, and phil ochs. he sounds exactly like the guy in b&s that sings seymore stein. ochs has some really cool songs. a while back i sampled a little pop riff from one of his songs and mixed it with andrew dice clay reading obscene mother goose rhymes.

i saw the latest version of hamlet. it had an awesome cast with ethan hawke, kyle mcclauchlan, and bill murray. it was a bit difficult to watch bill murray doing shakespeare without thinking of peter venkman. the movie was stylish, but had a little too much pepsi one, and blockbuster in it. i liked how bazz lurhman's romeo and juliet used fake products that were references to shakespeare. hamlet's blatant product placement was too distracting.


sunday july 29 i saw another inspiring documentary about filmmaking yesterday. american movie is one of the most surprising documentaries i've seen because even tough the people in it seem slightly brain dead, their triumph over life's obstacles, their determination to accomplish their goals, and the genuine talent and brilliance that results in their art is so unexpected. the scenes they show from mark borchardt's film, coven, are well done. and the beautiful music on the american movie soundtrack was all made by mark's burntout friend, mike schank.

word at the basement co is that there is going to be a new eat this compilation. there have been two eat this cds in the past to showcase island musicians. anyway, windom earle has already begun work on a track to contribute. i'm going to kill two birds with one stone and give eat this the song i'm doing for the soundtrack. i started it yesterday, and it's dope. i'm going to call it windom earle goes bananas because it has a cool sample of david lynch talking about windom earle faking mental illness, and it's also a reference to herbie goes bananas, my second favorite movie.


saturday july 28 i saw mike figgis' time code last night. i was surprised how well he pulled off having 4 simultaneous camera shots following different people at the same time without too much overlap or confusion. at first my attention was a little out of focus, but the actors all improvised their parts with eerie timing. the music was good in it too.

i got amon tobin's first album, bricolage. it's not quite as mindblowing as his later work, but i don't think anyone was doing what he did back in 1997. it actually is mindblowing, just not as mindblowing as permutations. it's a bit more listenable than supermodified. nevertheless, it's a supercool album with enough atmosphere to choke a horse, and beats that can make drummers suicidal because of the impossibility to duplicate them.


friday july 27 couldn't get a ride to halifax, so i missed wings of desire. but i had lots of time today to work on new beats and practice playing bass. i've been really inspired by slocoaster. not just musically, but also their attitudes towards art. they are a creative, cool force.


thursday july 26 i didn't get much sleep in the past couple of days. but i'm nowhere near as exhausted as slocoaster must be. they spent a week here camping at blooming point beach, and partying non-stop. last night was their final show at baba's and it was as brilliant as their last show, and different enough to keep most of the audience that saw them tuesday surprised. they did an acoustic set that was perfect for the comfy lounge atmosphere at baba's. then they rocked out with a trumpet player and a sax player. we did an interview before the show that was interesting. i wished there was a musical community as strong as the one in sydney on pei.

i watched most of the documentaries i got from the library. eugene levy discovers home safety was so good. it had a lot of funny moments, and some well made cartoons. wonderstruck was cool. i wish cbc showed reruns of that show after degrassi high. the noam chomsky documentary, manufacturing consent was awesome. it was 3 hours, and i think i want to watch it again because it's so packed with information. chomsky is excellent at arguing with people. he sticks to facts, and says everything with qualification.

i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to get to halifax tonight to watch wings of desire. i've been dying to see that movie for such a long time, and it's showing at a big theatre one night only for five bucks. it's a bit ridiculous to plan a trip based around a movie (unless you're the cinephile).

this is a bit dissapointing. even though i don't use napster, i think it's stupid to shut it down. Carey Ramos, an attorney for the record labels, said, "Napster doesn't want to have to do that (get copyright clearance). It's too much effort. It requires them to work before they become Internet billionaires." billionaires???? there is no product, they are not selling anything (not even advertising!). if they do make money it's going to be from wallstreet. they're not diverting funds from cd sales, or exploiting artists (that's what record labels are for).


wednesday july 25 slocoaster are the best band in the world. they tore the roof off baba's last night, and their show tonight won't be pretty either. the fellas in the band are swell. they were really down to earth, and we're going to do an interview for the cadre today. it should be awesome. they had a lot of interesting, intellegent things to say at the bar. they gave me a copy of their new cd. i just listened to it, and it's fantastic.

i watched a documentary on john waters, divine trash. it was really good, and funny. there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff on pink flamingos. i think this movie would be good for people that want to understand all the hype about flamingos, but can't handle the shock of it. overall, the documentary was really inspiring, and made me want to go out and make a trashy underground movie.


tuesday july 24 i watched some of the movies i got from the library. a documentary about an artist that projects powerful images on buildings was cool. it gave me some ideas for a live show. now all i need is a projector and some slides of body parts. at one point in the documentary, the artist, krzysztof wodiczko, designs a shopping cart that homeless people can live in. it was just a stunt to raise awareness of poverty, but i'd love to get my hands on one. it kind of reminded me of the delorean in back to the future. after that, i watched justice denied, the donald marshall movie. it was funny, but it shouldn't be. it reminded me of codco. my favorite actor, daniel macivor was in it, but not enough. he acted like a cross between his character in house and twitch city. the real killer in the movie looked ridiculous. he had this fake grey wig, a colonel sanaders goatee and he displayed not-so-subtle bizarre sexual behaviour. there was one scene when he got arrested where he gives a freaky look to a dog. there was one scene that totally surprised me. the bad guy started flipping out in his kitchen. he smashed everything and he was wearing a wifebeater. the reason this scene was so good was that it came out of nowhere. donald marshall is trying to get out of jail, then all of a sudden the killer is going nuts, then back to the movie. it was a long scene too.

i listend to buck 65's radio show yesterday on real audio. he did a 45 minute rant on a set of rules he developed for hip hop. he's really strict about these rules, but if rap artists actually followed them, the music would be a billion times better. hip hop could become a strong artform with buck's structure, but how would it stick when the music that violates the rules (and consequentually sucks) is so successful.


monday july 23 i uploaded the hidden track, venus flytrap, from the new album to so now, all the tracks from the upcoming cd are available for download. so i think i'll make an edition of the cd available real soon. this version will be different than the one i'll eventually be selling from the back of my car because the tracks won't flow together the same way, and the quality of the mp3s is a bit different from the wavs. accept credit cards, so it's easier to sell the album online through them.

errol morris' documentary show was about a guy who corresponds with the unabomber. it was cool. i'd like to learn more about ted kazynski. maybe i'll write him a letter.

i picked up amon tobin's album, permutation. it's really exciting to listen to. there are lots of musical surprises, mind blowing beats, and trippy jazz to alter your audio atmosphere.

i jammed with drummer, jj larosa, and his friend matthew on bass. it was a lot of fun, and loud. we messed around with some punk, funk, and art rock.

i have to find a better way to archive these stupid posts. there's a limit to how much i can type on one page, and it doesn't seem to correspond to the monthly archive i tried to set up. the page looks cooler when it's smaller anyway, so i think i'll according to day, rather than month. why am i telling you this?