The Onion - quite possibly the best fucking page on the net

Troubled Youth - a non-pornographic web digest of things your mother warned you about.

Kibo - kibology should be taught in the classroom

Vincentland - windom alumnist, vince lavers' own private spice world

The Widget Wide Web - the toughest damn luchadores in the world

Ted Danson Inc. - brilliant

The Robin Hood Hills Murders - a disturbing miscarriage of justice

How To Tie a Necktie - this information comes in handy

Spumco - excellent web cartoons from the maker of ren and stimpy

Tom Green - get off your bum and visit this site

The Locals Homepage - harry doyle's home for the cape breton underground

Die Jest - mike and mike's mental olympics

Leona Orange Tribute Project - coversongs wanted

Buck 65 - he's got something to say, but nobody listens...

Sixtoo - a talented artist in everything he does

How Ronald Regan Invented Gangsta Rap - it's true

SURPRISE! - i don't know what it means, but it surprised the shit out of me.

Twin Peaks - windom earle's favorite place to visit.

Ichiban and Crunk - milderd pierce's rant site.

Dave's Record Collection - i wish i knew how to sample real audio.

Andy Sidaris - the best b-movie director ever.

The Idiot Box - how could you not love jimmy the idiot boy?

American Movie - a great website for a hillarious documentary.

Non Prophets - home of the greatest mc in the world, sage francis.

The Basement Co. - kent bruyneel's web company. he stole his background from my site, the lousy cheese-eater.

Back Alley Discs - the best/only decent record store in charlottetown. check out the muffinman in their listen section.

Acts of Volition - internet intellect free of references to dancing hampsters.