words of windom

You Should Have Come In Third

after reading about a battle of bands, i decided i would make my first attempt at a live performance. a bunch of friends and i were planning on going up and doing a blues set under the name Indigo Jones. but, due to lack of practice and a fast approaching deadline for the show, we had to cancel. in order to fill the spot left vacant by indigo jones, i thought i would give it a whirl as windom earle. so i teamed up with vincent lavers of dressed to kill. after three days of practice we came up with a set and took to the stage. we had a yamaha keyboard, two guitars, a bass, a very big turntable, a tape deck, and a whole lot of love. the set finished with a hip hop version of "beefchowmein" that encouraged the audience to yell out the name of their favorite oriental dish. after the set a guy offered to play drums for windom earle in the future, but i had to break the news to him that we already have a drummer, goldwave. windom earle didn't win any prizes that night, but we did get a chance to practice translating the material through a live medium. the highlight of the night happened when one of the judges approached vince and i after the show. he said that we should have come in third. vince burst into tears and i hugged him.