here's an experiment in internet humour. personal websites are an easy target for ridicule (except for this site). most of the jokes in this piece involve adding dot com to the end of a stupid word. i never did a follow up because i didn't want to sound too contemporary. this is the type of humour jay leno uses, and leno isn't funny.
Cool Bookmarks

I’ve recently discovered that the Internet has more to offer than just Asian pornography and Our Lady Peace bootlegs. There are a lot of good web pages out there that the whole family can enjoy.

Check out for updates from all sports that don’t take place on ice. There seems to be a movement among the sports community that says athletes who wear skates should not be considered legitimate. That explains why Canadian hockey franchises are moving south. The content on is strictly about real sports like ultimate fighting, ultimate frisbee and other ultimate competition.

Tracy Snow’s personal homepage,, is a great place to find out information on Tracy. It has pictures of her cat, Elmo, links to the official homepages of all the stars of Dawson’s Creek, and animated GIFs of bunny rabbits. In the “About Me” section of the page, Tracy says she doesn’t like going to high school, but she likes to eat pizza. is the best online Christian auction page on the web. You can buy your way into heaven, order limited edition Biblical Beanie Babies, or rent an altar-boy for the weekend. The Virtual Virgin Mary is the most popular item sold on Epray.

The official homepage for the hit Patrick Swayze movie, Fatherhood,, is one of the coolest movie pages on the Net. It has pictures of Patrick Swayze, a synopse of the film, and a list of the cast and crew. The Black Dog official homepage also features pictures of Patrick Swayze, but Meatloaf is in the background of most of them.