Windom Earle World here you will find coolbreeze's musical explorations

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The Boost Ventilator Global Network home of all things boost

The Cadre UPEI's student newspaper

the Widget Wide Web the greatest rasslin site on the WWW.

Troubled Youth fun and intellect for the criminally insane

Vincent LandŽ vince is a pedophile

CB Locals CB doesn't stand for coolbreeze, but this site is full of dirt from the Cape Breton underground.

Kibo mixed nuts

The Onion Funnier than the Guardian

The Guardian Charlottetown's goddamn newspaper

Acts of Volition Internet brain candy.

Michael Moore Activism on acid.

Rockout Rants by Ted Danson.

The Basement Co. Cadre editor-in-cheif, Kent Bruyneel's thing.

Back Alley Discs The only record store in Charlottetown where its owner will openly mock your purchase.