coolbreeze's driver's license says stephan angus macleod on it, but he doesn't drive much.

he is the mayor of coolbreeze city, which is lucky considering he shares the same name as the city. if he ever became the mayor of another city, he would probably have to change the name of that city. but he wouldn't call it coolbreeze city since that name is already taken. stankonia would be his first choice.

windom earle is coolbreeze's musical project. he records and writes all of his songs on a shareware program called goldwave. goldwave is the sonny to coolbreeze's cher. but windom earle's music does not sound like sonny or cher. it's more like bob and doug mackenzie.

here's what tom cheese had to say about coolbreeze: "coolbreeze with his mystical corn-fed talent falls between the taters and the tide to wall up sound in profound debris cracked-up crown and a backed-up pride his music drowns our sensible insides."