words of windom
here are the extras from my favourite things list on island edition that didn't make the final cut.

Favourite Local Authors: Last year at UPEI's student newspaper, the Cadre, film reviewer, Jeff Coll, started writing letters to the editor under different names of movie characters. The topics of the letters covered almost everything that people would complain to their friends about the paper, but never have the guts to actually do anything about it. Sometimes he would make fun of typical students at UPEI, but most of the time he brought up some interesting criticisms about the content of the paper. Kent Bruyneel, the Cadre's editor would respond by insulting the characters that Jeff wrote as. Nobody caught on that all the letters to the editor were being written by this one guy, and eventually people were getting upset with Kent for being such an asshole. Next year, Jeff is going to be the production editor for the paper.

Favourite Movies (recent favourites and/or all-time favourites): The Big Lebowski is my all time favourite movie. I think a little bit of the Dude is deep inside of everyone, and when I saw this movie for the first time I connected with it on a level that no movie has ever been able to do. I cried both times that I saw it. I'm not sure whether those were tears of joy, or pain because of Donnie's pointless death.

Favorite Books (recent favourites and/or all-time favourites): Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my favourite book because it's so logical even during the most absurd situations. As ridiculous as everything seems, it all makes sense (like wrestling).

Favourite Magazines/Newspapers: Vice is a really ballsy zine that I find entertaining. But I rarely find it available in Charlottetown.

www.FilmThreat.com is a good online movie magazine that takes no prisoners. They're pretty brutal when it comes to mainstream movies. They gave Life Is Beautiful negative five stars.

Favourite Computer Activities: Pretending I'm a musician and writing songs on Goldwave.