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JUNE 1ST, 1999 (CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI) Barreling into the summer months,
recording artist Windom Earle has not only come up with the freshest new
full-length 15 track CD on the market, but have also signed a
non-exclusive manufacturing & distribution deal with MP3.com to a
shocked and unsuspecting public.

With CD's being such an integral part of the music industry, the
partnership was a natural and promises to launch the artist and his
music to a whole new level of exposure. In a bizarre twist, the songs
are also available for free download in MP3 format at his personalized
music web site (http://www.mp3.com/windomearle).

"Instead of relying on commercial radio and music videos, we will focus
on word of mouth and free broadcast over the Internet." said a
spokesperson for Boost Ventilator Productions. "There is little risk to
the consumer since they can test drive the entire songs for free and
conclude if it is worth ordering the product with a major credit card."

MP3.com is the quickly becoming the ultimate source for original high
quality digital music. They offer tens of thousands of songs and have
facilitated over 27 million legal downloads since their inception. One
advantage is the low priced DAM (Digital Automatic Music) CD's that
contain both songs recorded in regular CD audio and MP3 format and
include a bonus multimedia feature that will work on both Apple and
Wintel platforms. With the power of MP3.com behind Windom Earle's
"Standard Equipment," fans all around the world can purchase this
debut album for $5.99 + S&H (US Funds).

The playfully eclectic "Standard Equipment" showcases a collection of
new and used influences, from Beck to "Swiched on Bach". It
features a Hip-Hop tribute to a Chinese food dish, a candid obscene
phone message over a bouncy bass and beat,, and a homage to classic
Canadian public television. One track "Suck It (The Remix)", with it's
use of jarring grunge guitar and an excited 303 loop, put Windom Earle
at the top of the "Acid" and "Charlottetown" charts simultaneously.

Based in Atlantic Canada, Windom Earle is one of the few artists that
can actually release a "single" to the entire planet in less than 5 minutes
after completing it in his home studio. Using top-secret lo-fi digital
recording techniques he can avoid the needless delays, hassles, and
threats to artistic freedom and expression that are common with major

"I am very excited about my new partnership with MP3.com," explained
Windom Earle's Stephan MacLeod. "It opens the door to my long-awaited
crossover into the over-saturated and under-inspired world of pop music.
But it stands to reason that I will not be opening for Shania Twain
anytime soon."

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For More Information:

BAND CONTACT: Windom Earle

MEDIA CONTACT: Boost Ventilator Productions


Incredible Quotes:

"[Windom Earle] with his mystical corn-fed talent falls between the taters and the tide to wall up sound in profound debris cracked-up crown and a backed-up pride his music drowns our sensible insides"
-= Tom Cheese, Freelance Poet =-

"This mp3 doesn't sound like most mp3's on this site...
Its a catchy song, not my personal favorite kind of music but for the kind it is its pretty good.
-= MP3Punk.net on "Alewishes" =-

"Wow, your music kicks the crap out of most electronica music that I have, and I have a lot. I just wanted to let you know that I really love what your doing and the kind of music you are making. It is great."
-= Nick from Iowa =-

"Tejano is Tex-Mex music that includes an accordion and usually has a polka beat... it has nothing to so with the musical style of your song."
-= MP3.com Genre Police on "I Wish You Were Mary" =-

"Man yalls $h!t is great. The mixxxing and all that $h!t.
Good sampling.
-= Pimp Daddy Welfare from Ohio =-