ryan o'connor interviewed matt murphy's band, the flashing lights, before their performance in charlottetown during october 2000, but since they did not have much to say, and he did not see them perform, i was asked to write up a review of the show to compensate for his short article on the band. i think my review of the show is about fifty words longer than ryan's article. rock on.

here are some shows i went to for free

ron sexsmith

eastcoast music awards 2000

Last Thursday night at the Barn The Flashing Lights provided a musical revue that transcended time.

The Flashing Lights remain true to the sprit of 1960's British Invasion rock and soul without sounding the least bit retro. In performance, Matt Murphy avoids coming across as a mod rock poser because he finds the essence of the music he loves and combines it with his gift for catchy riffs and melodies. The result of these two things is a deeply entertaining experience which is enhanced by the energy and excitement of his band.

When they took the stage of the Barn on Thursday, the Flashing Lights filled the building with classic rock and roll, and good vibrations. On-stage antics included Murphy balancing on a barrier and leaping over monitors, organist, Gaven Dianda, smashing a tambourine, and an extended encore that shook the dance floor well into the night.

Thanks to their high octane performance and finely crafted songs, The Flashing Lights did not need to impersonate bands like The Who, or the Kinks to bridge the gap between music of the 1960's and today. Perhaps the reason they sound like they are from another time period is because they sound good, while the majority of their contemporaries do not.