ron sexsmith is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and i wrote this review after seeing him for the second time. he comes across as fairly humble in performance, and he has a surprisingly dry sense of humour that takes you off guard. during his show in charlottetown, someone in the audience heckled him to play a song by the tragically hip. he replied by playing one of his own tunes while saying, "gord downie told me this is his favourite song."

here are some shows i went to for free

the flashing lights

eastcoast music awards 2000

Seeing Ron Sexsmith live is an intimate experience. Sexsmith is, without a doubt, one of the best singer/songwriters on the planet and his performance at Myrons on November 6th proved he also the most likeable. He is the first artist I've ever seen give credit to the importance of his guitar technician. And he was approachable after the show; he even stuck around and had a few drinks with the Cadre's editor. The set-list covered all of my favorite Sexsmith tunes from all three of his albums, and he even did a cover of Gene MacLellan's Snowbird. The live arrangements of the songs were really cool. Don Kerr (drums) and Tim Vesley (bass) from the Rheostatics backed Ron up and added a lot to the show. Their backup vocals were excellent, and their musical diversity helped to shift the mood of the songs when needed. To set the perfect atmosphere, Don traded his drums for a viola and Tim played an accordion on such bittersweet songs as In a Flash and April After All. It was an emotionally satisfying show. Myrons' new Rhythm and Blues Café provided an intimate setting for Sexsmith and he took advantage of it by letting the audience glimpse into his heart.