coolbreeze city is the mental municipality of ll coolbreeze. take a stroll down the various streets of the virtual urban center of coolbreeze's imagination, but be careful of all the potholes, and gum.

check out the smut in our newly renovated library.

and if you are a complete idiot and get lost, navigate through the city using the fancy buttons at the top of the page.

-the mayor


best of 2000

coolbreeze's christmas

is that your final answer?

here are some things i've heard on tv that should be taken out of context:

we've put cheese in places you've never dreamed of - pizza hut would be crazy not to put this slogan on t-shirts. in an ad for a pizza that has cheese between crust, an announcer boasts to viewers that if they think putting cheese in crust is crazy, they cannot possibly comprehend what else pizza hut can do with dairy products. trying to think of different places they can place cheese does not compel me to go out and eat pizza, but it does discourage me from applying for a job at pizza hut.

i guess that's the only thing i heard on tv that should be taken out of context.

in other newz...

coolbreeze gets the job done.