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thursday june 29 when jumping from a cliff, 30 feet above water, there is no word that describes the feelings that happen. but upon landing in the cold water, i experienced a dose of reality comparable to the moment before an insane person gets their medication. gordon falls was the perfect spot to spend a summer day, and take incredibly stupid risks.

boost ventilator hooked me up with a url for windom earle world. tell all your friends that i live at from now on. i also got an email address:

sebutones are playing charlottetown tonight.


wednesday june 28 i got an interesting response from my cousin, micky maclennan, about the island edition dot com thing. check it out in the words of windom section.

drinking beep directly from a one litre container is cool for the first five minutes, but there's only so much pear extract and pineapple juice a body can handle.


tuesday june 27 i put a link to the favourite things article in the words of windom section, and i also put up the extra things that didn't make the final cut.

things are pretty much confirmed for a windom earle live show in sydney on july 7th at chandler's. vince and i jammed for the first time since february and it sounded good. i can't wait to work on the new stuff.

vince wants me to jump off a cliff wednesday at gordon falls in new brunswick.


monday june 26 island edition put up my favourite things list. my face is super shiny in the picture. i should start wearing make up again.

i've found something worth watching on the tele. last week i mentioned seeing a documentary program by errol morris. this week it was on again, so i'm assuming it's a regular show. this week's episode was every bit as stylish and informative as the one about the guy who froze his mother's head. it was about a guy who managed a post office. he had an employee that was insane, so he fired him, then the employee tried to get revenge by killing five people at the post office. after the tragedy, unions, the media, and the postal service scapegoated the manager and blamed him for everything. i've never seen an informative show on tv as captivating as this series. i think it works so well because it's filmed like a documentary. the standard news-magazine format takes a bunch of sensational events, gets some short soundbites from people involved, and some footage of them getting emotional. documentaries are about people more than events, and this show just uses one long interview with the main person involved in the incident. even though only one person gets to tell their side of the story, it doesn't force the viewer to take any sides. it's just good storytelling with top quality editing. check it out sundays on bravo at 5:30 pm (atlantic). it's the most interesting thing on tv.


sunday june 25 i got some new pics i'll scan monday. and i think i'll start compiling reviews of local gocart tracks. i tried "enchantment creek" and "bonshaw 500" yesterday, and i'll probably try more when vince gets back.


saturday june 24 my wu-name is "World-Class Programmah" from now on. what's yours?

i did a photo shoot for island edition. it was really cool, and i got to meet kirby in person. he was a really nice guy. my "favourite things" list should be up in the week after next. one of the weird things i noticed while writing my list of favorite things was my uncertainty of how to spell the word favourite.

the upcoming sydney show is lookin' good. this will be the first time windom has played since february, and our first show with sarah on saxamaphone.

friday june 23 i hope everything works out for the upcoming tour when vince comes back. it's tricky trying to get everything organized with so many people involved. last week, the tour idea started as a "what if" and now that things are under way, i'm a bit worried about the obstacles in getting this thing to work. there's so little time, but when windom takes the stage in sydney in two weeks, it will all be worth it.


thursday june 22 i saw planet smashers and all systems go play an almost all-ages (the sign on the door said, "grades 7 - 18 years old) show in summerside. all systems go has members of the doughboys, and they were really good. they played powerpop. next up was planet smashers who tried their best to get the crowd to participate in their songs. they had a lot of energy, but i'm not a big ska fan. it's music for punk rock nerds, which only half applies to me.

on the drive home from summerside, my father's mustang died. my sister had to pick me up, and on the drive home brave new waves announced that they were going to play a profile on belle and sebastian. so i guess trashing my dad's car was worth it in the end.

while typing this, i found out that tripod has a limit to the amount of crap you can write on your page. so i'm going to archive last month's updates and stick them where the sun don't shine (at the bottom of the page).


wednesday june 21 i put some beats together for the upcoming windom shows. right now it sounds really bluesy, but i can't wait to hear what vince and sarah will add to the arrangements.

how's this for an album cover?

i scanned the high octane pics again. they look a lot better, but not as good as that duck.


tuesday june 20 i finally got to listen to belle and sebastian's album the whole way through. it's the most consistant work they've put out, but it lacks the really good, catchy songs on their earlier albums. the quality of their music is getting better better, though.

negotiations are under way for a show in sydney next month. and vince was suggesting we work on some live arrangements of new songs like varsity blues for the show.


monday june 19 i just spent an hour and 15 minutes writing out my list of favourite things. it was easier than i thought, and a lot of fun, but i'm exhausted now.

i saw an awesome tv show on bravo directed by documentary filmmaker, errol morris. it was about this guy who was into cyrogenics, and his mother was sick, so he froze her head. investigators alleged that she didn't die before he froze her, and wanted to do an autopsy on the brain to see if she was frozen before she died. when they raided his lab to get the head, it was missing. he hid it, and won't let them near it because an autopsy would destroy the cyrogenic process. the interesting thing about the show was this guy's theories on immortality and people's fear of death. i'm going to look for more stuff by morris. i liked fast, cheap, and out of control and i can't wait to see mr death.

on much east last night, they did a story on the dj olympics in halifax. they only showed really short clips of the djs, then asked the organizers of the olympics to request a video. i think they asked for something by the jurassic five, but much music played emminem instead. damn. as if that song doesn't get enough play. if they couldn't a video by they band requested, they could at least find a video related to the story. why didn't they show something with buck 65 in it (sebutones, or hip club grove)? i would have been happy if they at least played a song with a dj in it. i can't hear any scratches in emminem's music except when he does the annoying "wicky wicky slim shady" thing in my name is.


sunday june 18 the wheels are in motion for some upcoming windom earle shows in honour of the triumphant return of vincent.

pei's music scene is really developing. punchbuggy were supposed to play a show, but couldn't make it. but, the night was not a waste because the locals that took the stage in punchbuggy's absence kept the small crowd in attendance happy. eyes for telescopes and port citizen are the best bands on the island.

i bought the new belle and sebastian album, but i didn't make it half way through listening it before noticing the massive scratch on the disc.


saturday june 17 paid out a lot of cash to some major labels for permission to use their music on, a site where people upload cds they paid for to use for personal listening anywhere through the internet. anyway, there's an interesting rumour on the mp3 site: "A story within a story from After negotiating tens of millions of dollars in a settlement with, at least two of the labels do not plan to pass along any of that money to their artists whose music was played on the service."

i saw former thrush hermit frontman, joel plaskett at baba's friday night. he's a really good songwriter in the halifax pop tradition, and his live show is like a cross between thrush hermit and tom petty.

friday june 16 i think i'm finished with the new cd. i'll get some demos of it burned real soon and see what other people think. i planned on remixing she's gone and uploading the new version on under the title, gone in 60 seconds, but i might have a nervous breakdown if i keep trying to fix this song. but i would like to put up a 60 second version of the song and name it after the nicholas cage movie. i have this theory that mp3s named after current movies will become hit songs on my last test of this theory was varsity blues, but i put the song up a year too late. i came up with this theory after the matrix came out and every techno artist had matrix songs. i don't want to name my songs after good movies. i'd rather use forgetable movies. that way, if the song is good, people will associate the title with the song when nobody remembers the movie. then one day they see this videotape at blockbuster and think, "hey, isn't this movie named after that song i like?" then they watch the movie and get all pissed off because the movie didn't live up to the song, and didn't even have the song in it. i think this sick fantasy of mine started when i saw can't hardly wait.


thursday june 15 i got a really nice email from kirby of he asked if i'd be interested in doing a "favorite things" profile on their web site. it sounds cool, but it might be a bit of challenge. there are a lot of things i like, but i probably think more about the things i don't like. not that i'm not a negative person, but it's easier for me to categorize my least favorite song (right now it's a tie between madonna's version of american pie and anything by wyclef jean), my least favorite restaurant (burger king), my least favorite pet (the turtles), etc. my favorite things are probably the things i don't really think about, but enjoy on a regular basis like orange juice. i'll have to really think about this. it might come back to haunt me like when my mom cooks something different for supper and i don't complain about it, then she serves the same goddamn thing night after night! and when i ask her "what the hell is this shit?!" she replies, "i thought it was your favorite!" and storms away crying. not that it ever happens like that. but if i get one more serving of cajun chicken, i swear, i'm telling her off. don't try and stop me.

and what's with abc cancelling clerks? abc is rapidly becoming my least favorite television network. they wouldn't show david lynch's tv series mullholland drive after he filmed an entire season of the show because of the columbine shootings. now clerks is cancelled after two episodes. i don't claim to be as smart as most network tycoons, but cancelling a show after two weeks is no way to build an audience.


wednesday june 14 i saw fly jimmy swift play at baba's tonight. it was an excellent show, and i met all sorts of interesting people. the band was super funky, and the place was packed.

the wheels are in motion for some ideas that jeff coll and i have been cooking for a while. we worked on the first ever humour section for the university newspaper, and it looks dope. we also got a meeting to discuss starting a upei film society with the student union president during the fly jimmy swift show.

jeff lent me a cool magazine called mean. it features an interview between jack black and john cusack, and an interview by matt stone and trey parker with the brothers ween.

i watched boys don't cry. it was hillarious. (bad joke, bad joke) actually it was really sad and beautifully made.

i also saw belle and sebastian's new video, legal man. i had no idea it was b&s when i was watching it. it's so different and freaky, but good.


tuesday june 13 monday was an eventful day for windom. island edition posted she's gone to their gallery of island artists.

i put a counter at the very bottom of the page to see if anyone actually visits this site besides me.

i started putting spaces between ideas within this post.

it makes it easier to follow my trainwreck of thought.

but i'm probably overdoing it.

i added some pics from my first show ever to the visuals section. the new windom earle saxamaphone player, sarah, took the pics. i might scan them again, because i think i can make the quality better. also there's a kick-ass picture of pascal "the rascal" in mid-air during a backflip that wasn't available when i was scanning. pascal did vocals on the first rap song i ever recorded, the muffin man. he was a foreign exchange student from switzerland, and he rapped in german over a dope romper room beat. but the facists at took the song down because of "copyright violations."

i got an offer to be on a compilation being put out by a record label in seattle. it sounds like it's going to be a decent album. check out the other artists that are going to be on it at this station. i like the descriptions of the songs.

ryan o'connor, the a&e editor for the cadre, hooked me up with dj empire presents: a tribute to giorgio moroder. i grabbed it because it had an intersesting album cover. but it's wrong to judge a book by its cover. wrong, wrong, wrong. i kept my hand on the skip button through most of the dance tracks on this cd, but i stopped at a cover of take my breath away featuring diana dewitt on vox. this song was so bad and cheesy, but i couldn't resist listening to it. i think it retains the cheesyness and everything that's wrong with the original that it actually works as a cover.


monday june 12 i think wcw is the reason wrestling fans get a bad name. i watched wcw's pay-per-view at a local redneck bar, and the reaction some of the wrestling fans had to the low quality of entertainment was sad. i'm not knocking wrestling. i think the wwf and ecw put on the most entertaining shows for any sport/drama, but wcw puts out the most boring shit i've ever seen. any high flying moves were done near crash mats, and when there wasn't fighting the predictable storylines were spelled out for everyone. personally, i prefer watching wrestlers interact with the audience and showoff during interviews than watching them pretend to beat each other up. if they do a good job building excitement before a match, it makes the match that much easier for me to watch. other wise it's just pointless fighting. other than rick flair, wcw doesn't have any wrestlers that are good on the mic. they don't have any wrestlers that are good in the ring either. it's just 2 1/2 hours of garbage. but i was surprised how much the people at the bar got into it. they were booing and cheering louder than the people that actually attended the event. the reason i watched this ppv was because there was hype built up that this would change wrestling forever. so after watching a bunch of hack stuntmen attempt to entertain, i was dissapointed to find that the surprise that was going to change wrestling forever was merely goldberg (wcw's stone cold rip-off, and only big name star) becoming a "bad guy." first of all, goldberg was never a really convincing "good guy." he just grunted and spit a lot. and second of all, wcw's "bad guys" are not all that bad. they have it set up like this: good guys=millionaires (old, established wrestlers with lots of money and get more title shots then they have talent) and bad guys=new blood (young, talented up-and-comers struggling to get the recognition they deserve). in wwf, they have the opposite: bad guys=the rich corporation exploiting their workers, good guys=the hard working, talented, struggling wrestlers. i think the wwf has good/bad set up so their fans, who are mostly working class, can relate to the struggle the good guys face against the rich. in wcw it's backwards, and i don't understand it at all. i guess that's why i chose music as a career over wrestling.

sunday june 11 i wish i listened to the radio more. i spent the entire afternoon listening to definitely not the opera. they played an hour of bruce mcculloch's one-man play. there were a lot of good lines in it like, "never wear a wedding dress to your friend's wedding." and he did a william s. burroughs version of the daves i know. i listened to radio sonic when i went to return some videos, and they played supergrass, so i was liking it. then they announced a contest to win ween's new cd. freaking awesome. i have to come up with a question to ask ween and i could win white pepper. a couple minutes ago i was listening to radio escapades, and they played the new belle and sebastian. it was a good day for radio.

saturday june 10 well, i didn't get to compare big momma's house to puff daddy, but i did review 3 movies. matt rainnie asked me to review high fidelity because it just opened in charlottetown this week, and i already saw it in halifax. i've been working on a new version of she's gone. i don't know what direction it's going in this time, but this is the third version of it i've done. the reason i'm never fully satisfied with the song is because it was the first song i recorded since finishing standard equipment. it marks a change in direction from the songs on the last album, but the quality is not as good as most of the songs on the new album (except clumsiest cannibal which is rougher than most playfights).

friday june 9 today's the day for my cbc movie review. check out mainstreet at around 5:30. i'll be reviewing woody allen's small time crooks and i plan on comparing big mama's house to puff daddy. i watched a home video of andy kaufmann's performance at carnagie hall. it had some really great moments, but the hack who put the video together left out some crucial scenes. a scene where andy introduces his grandmother and says how she never thought he'd play carnagie is missing. at the end of his performance his grandmother gets out of the chair, rips off her face, and it turns out to be robin williams. when robin williams shows up on stage half dressed as an old woman, it doesn't make sense without the scene where they set up andy's grandmother. tom green has a new video, roadkill, filled with segments he filmed for the comedy network. good shite. green and kaufmann masters of situation humour, but i wish pee wee herman was as respected as these comedians. ignoring his work on murphy brown, i think his talent to create comedy out of the most mundane situations makes him the missing link between kaufmann and green.

thursday june 8 i was just reading an email i got from some mailing list that's against trading mp3s on the internet. they mention that "a study by a company specializing in digital rights management has fingered online music file sharing as the probable culprit for a drop in college-market album sales over the last two years. Results of the study run counter to claims that Napster doesn't hurt sales, and show that sales in stores near Napster-allowing colleges were substantially down." what they fail to mention is: a) the ridiculous tuition students are forced to pay for education, and the cost of living for most students. b) most record stores (especially the ones by UPEI) cater to 12 year old boys and girls. try to find a ween record at row records. c) and the inflated cost of cds by record companies and record stores. the email also said "Metallica's suit against the service, meanwhile, and its naming of some 300,000 Napster users, has apparently not harmed its fan base, as ticket sales are predictably strong for the group's "Summer Sanitarium" stadium tour, also starring Korn, Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, and System Of A Down." can you say publicity? metallica's stunt to battle the internet happens to coincide with their new summer tour, and they're getting a shitload of publicity (even on a stupid email list that's against napster - was it really necessary to list the other bands on the tour?). i saw a cartoon with motley crue at camp chaos that pokes fun at this idea.

wednesday june 7 for all y'all charlottetown freaks out there, check me out on cbc's mainstreet between 5:30 and 6:00 on friday, if you want to hear me review small time crooks. i tried to find a link for a live real audio broadcast of mainstreet, but i don't know if one exists. i also got an email from island edition for permission to put up a link to a song on the site. props to kirby from ie for even finding windom. i'm not doing a good job promoting myself locally, but somehow they found me. it's funny how most bands get pissed at media outlets (like much east) when they don't promote their band, but they don't do anything to let the media know they exist. i'm pretty apathetic about promoting my own music or complaining when other people don't promote it, but it's definitely cool when i get promoted without trying. maybe i'll plug my site on the radio friday. "this movie is alright, but it's not as exciting as my new web page..." i rented mighty aphrodite to prepare for small time crooks. it was awesome. i'm a sucker for intelligent low brow humour. the first scene with mira sorvino was a hillarious example of this. the look on woody's face when she's seducing him is the most nervous i've ever seen him. i was hoping to buy some bootleg napster merchandise at, but what would have been the funniest lawsuit has been settled with offspring and napster on good terms with each other. napster told offspring to stop selling bootleg napster shirts, but they worked out a deal where they'll sell even more official napster merch. if i really wanted publicity, i would start selling bootleg offspring shirts, but i don't like offspring.

tuesday june 6 some more east coast unauthourized pics were added to the visuals section, and i put up a reveiw of my mp3s from last year. their website wasn't running a couple weeks ago, but by some strange fluke, i checked out the url and found the review. also, while randomly checking out websites, i found some coupons for free movies at that's entertainment. i printed twenty copies of the coupon. today i rented atom egoyan's the sweet hereafter. it's one of the few egoyan flicks that i couldn't get into the first time i saw it, but i enjoyed it a lot more this time. it's kind of like a made for tv movie with a better actor than most oscar nominated films, and the most powerful director (emotionally, not physically powerful) in the world. what's lacking in hereafter that's so strong in egoyan's earlier movies, is the emotional climax that usually leaves me emotionally stunned during the final credits. exotica and family viewing are my favorite egoyan movies, and they have his trademark build ups. the sweet hereafter and his latest, felicia's journey seem kind of like crossover films. they're less arty then his previous work, but still powerful enough to make them better than most films. ian holm was robbed of an oscar for the sweet hereafter. the music was really good too. the score and the canadian actors made this movie seem kind of like fargo.

monday june 5 there are a bunch of new photos in the visuals section. i put up some pics from our gobblefest show, and i'll have more photos from east coast unauthorized tommorow. i also updated cool breeze city's photo album. burn down the disco is officially finished. i don't know if i'll upload the latest version to because it's basically the same as the last one, except it abruptly ends as it mixes into she's gone. the site has been gussied up to make it consistant with windom world. check out my cat, allewishes.

sunday june 4 i've started working on transitions between songs on my next cd. so far it sounds cool. i also worked on a hip hop tune with dj scooby dawg. look for more collaborations from myself and scooby in the future.

saturday june 3 there was disturbing news in the paper this morning. some guy with the name william earle is being charged with sexually assualting children. i wonder how this will affect people's perception of windom earle? the latest incarnation of burn down the disco is almost finished. the beat's a lot heavier, and the samples are mixed more evenly, but not perfect. *as if*

friday june 2 i got a cool offer today from fellow artist, mildred pierce. pierce and i did an interesting collaboration on a song last year called movie music theme soundtrack and it rocked. i made a couple of samples, emailed them to pierce in georgia, and he put the song together. anyway, he has a cool website, and he's putting together a soundtrack for it. he asked me to contribute a song to it. he also put together a graphic for "the clumsiest cannibal" on my site. it's things like these that make the internet such a good place for artists. it's almost impossible to find peopple in charlottetown to share ideas with, but i'd never think someone in georgia would be asking me to do a song for their website, or even hear my music. html rules.

thursday june 1 myrons sucks. the bar is a breeding ground for drunken assholes. add some unoriginal hip hop to the environment, and the place gets even nastier. there are a million beats in the world, but mainstream and hardcore hip hop artists seem to be drawn to maybe one or two. a bunch of halifax rappers, the ground squad, and choclair played pei for the first time tonight. they seem to have sucked the soul out of music. the beats are shit, and the rhymes were about dicks, drinking, and dicks drinking. the myrons crowd understood exactly what they were talking about.